Simple Innovations. Big Results.

While others get caught up in a never-ending cycle to find the newest technology, we are finding the small innovations that drive big results – redefining big and bold.

Process improvement and efficiency aren’t reserved only for IT or technical work. Every day, our knowledge workers are finding ways to make our clients’ program offices run smoother and faster through simple innovations developed from existing and available technologies.

Benefits of going simple to deliver big
Cost effective

Faster development

More agile

Less disruptive

Greater scalability
Less risk

What are simple innovations?

Today’s warfighters don’t want flash or complexity – they want sleek and simple, and they need it now. Simple to design, fieldoperate, maintain and train.
Leaders responsible for equipping our warfighters should demand the same for their program offices.  
We work with program offices to help take the complexity out of the support process. We simplify and streamline to get assets into the field and the hands of our warfighters faster. 
Simple innovations start with a process improvement mindset and the desire to challenge the status quo. Taking a big-picture approach to understand the end-to-end process, solutions are developed iteratively using existing platforms to deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions. 

How does CSA turn simple into big?

Contracts Management Case Study

Speed and agility meet contracts acquisition

CSA introduced speed and agility into the contracting process. Now, contracting specialists have more time to focus on negotiation, innovation, strategy development and proactive risk management.

Status quo

Our client oversees a portfolio of enterprise IT programs for more than half-a-million users worldwide. This scale of support requires year-round contract administration to address the hundreds of requests coming in monthly. Each request is manually verified, which results in a backlog of approvals from a couple of months to more than a year.

Innovate along the way

Taking a big-picture perspective, CSA sourced readily accessible tools to develop a two-part solution that seamlessly integrated into the client’s existing platform. (1) CSA incorporated metrics tracking to monitor claim progress and collect data. (2) Created an auto-fill standardized form to regulate vendor requests and auto-populate status.

The new everyday

Senior leadership now has increased visibility into the prescribed contracting process, facilitating continuous improvement. Overall, the program office experienced a 400% increase in the rate of contract awards, a reduction in man hours per approval and facilitated more than $75 million in contracts awarded from end-to-end.


Increased rate of contract awards


Million in contracts awarded from end-to-end
Foreign Military Sales Case Study

Standardization & metrics drive streamlined case management

Applying process mapping and automation, CSA introduced real-time metrics that drove drastic schedule improvements and visibility into case management. 

Status quo

Our client oversees the procurement of services and case management. Cases include all the pieces that enable the stakeholder to deploy, operate and maintain a system for its entire service life. Case development consists of multi-phase, manual processes to task and manage actions across various organizations. With many moving parts, the majority of which run manually, the process from end to end has the potential to take years, even if all steps go smoothly.

Innovate along the way

Any new tools developed and introduced into the process was constrained by strict security and compliance restrictions. Sourcing from existing tools, CSA developed a central collaborative location with custom process automation logic to help manage and automate the procurement process. By understanding the end-to-end process, CSA was able to standardize user input, capture relevant metadata and auto-generate communication and documentation.

The new everyday

Senior leadership now has in-process guidance and insight through real-time dashboard data to dynamically guide stakeholder actions. When policies change, process automation logic can quickly update guide compliance. Overall, the quality and speed of case development has seen a reduction in common errors and manual steps. The tool is being used by 56 offices across 10 organizations and 300+ users.







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