Simple innovations. Big Results.

When clients are challenged by shrinking budgets and growing demands to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today, they are turning to simple innovations to deliver big results.

Going big, simply

Long-term, complex innovations provide value, as they can move the ball far down the field, but they aren't always right for programs that need to move with agility and see an immediate change in their organization.
Our support approach integrates process innovation across all our experts on the ground, from program management, contracts and finance to IT, digital transformation and strategy. Every consultant’s goal is to increase client productivity by examining routine processes as they tackle their day-to-day roles.
We deliver innovations iteratively, prioritizing scalability and agility into your solutions. So rather than requiring complex steering committees or lengthy in-person training sessions, we leverage existing technologies that already work with your current platforms.

It's the simple innovations that are providing cost-effective, quick and less disruptive solutions.

Benefits of going simple to deliver big
Cost effective

Faster development

More agile

Less disruptive

Greater scalability
Less risk

How does CSA turn simple into big?

There’s no one-size fits all approach to designing simple innovations. But we’d like to share even more about our clients’ successes when they chose to go simple.

Contract Management Case Study

Speed and agility meet contract acquisition

CSA used simple innovations to introduce speed and agility into the contracting process of an enterprise IT program office serving more than half-a-million users. With increased leadership visibility, the program office increased contract awards by 400% while reducing man hours per approval. Contracting specialists can now dedicate more time to negotiation, strategy and risk management.

Foreign Military Sales Case Study

Standardization and metrics drive streamlined case management

CSA introduced real-time metrics to drive schedule improvements and increased visibility into the case management process for a client overseeing billions of dollars in procurements. With in-process guidance and real-time dashboards, process automation logic can quickly update guide compliance. The solution has 300+ users in 56 offices across 10 organizations.

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