We Believe

WE BELIEVE great companies know who they are and what they stand for. CSA’s corporate ethos, common purpose and core values were purposefully developed to create a culture focused on unlocking the full potential of our people—so they are inspired to solve our clients’ toughest challenges.

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CSA Environment Triangle Map with Corporate Ethos, Shared Purpose and Core Values at each corner.
CSA’s award-winning work environment is comprised of three elements.

Corporate Ethos

WE BELIEVE great companies have a robust corporate ethos that guides strategic decision making. Guidance Consulting steers the way we run our company and how we make business decisions. There are three tenets of Guidance Consulting:
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Long-term over Short-run

WE BELIEVE in investing in ourselves and our clients for the long term and avoiding short-sighted decisions that may limit long-term achievements.  Decisions we make for our clients and ourselves are guided by how they enable a partnership that focuses on continual improvement, maximizing value and realizing meaningful results.

Maximize Productivity

WE BELIEVE in consistently looking for ways to drive value by generating more output, solving more problems and creating more positive outcomes without more cost. We invest in the tools, knowledge and technologies for our team and establish high-performing environments with our clients. We encourage and reward efforts that pioneer new ways of thinking to get the job done and achieve the mission.

Corporate Social Responsibility

WE BELIEVE in doing the right thing for our company, team members, clients and nation through our strategies, initiatives and decisions. It is our responsibility to measure results beyond the traditional financial statement and hold ourselves accountable to provide the highest levels of quality and support for both our employees and our clients.

Common Purpose

WE BELIEVE great companies focus their energy and efforts around a common purpose. Our vision and mission give us the alignment we need to achieve audacious goals.

Our Vision

Create a great company that attracts great people to Do Great Things.

Our Vision guides us to create a company that people absolutely love working for—a company where we come to work every day fully motivated and excited to meet challenges head on and pioneer solutions for our clients and our company.

Our Mission

Drive value in unprecedented ways by transforming how clients utilize people, technology, information and knowledge.

Our Mission guides our strategic initiatives, investments and daily actions. We aspire to upgrade every business process and solve every data and knowledge challenge our clients face by creating a workforce that embraces and implements cutting-edge technology to solve problems in innovative ways.

Core Values

WE BELIEVE great companies focus their time and effort on building a strong culture centered around a common set of core values. See how our “FESTIC” core values guide how we treat each other and our clients.


Achieve. Enjoy. Play.

Be satisfied with your work and celebrate the results
Find your inner optimist and approach situations with a smile
Participate, laugh, entertain and keep things light

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Appreciate. Motivate. Accomplish.

Acknowledge and reward achievements with sincerity
Autonomy in personal thoughts and actions, choose your approach
Follow through with grit, roll up your sleeves and get it done

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Learn. Enhance. Reflect.

Try new things, embrace curiosity and increase your knowledge
Never be completely satisfied with the status quo
Identify and embrace your disposition, values and motivations

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Trust. Commit. Drive.

Actively listen and engage openly with empathy
Consider all ideas, hold to decisions and measure results
Leverage the collective genius to produce high performing teams

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Respect. Create. Live.

Have integrity through consistency, morality and honesty
Be curious, take on challenges, think differently
Be authentic, humble and let your personality shine through

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Provide. Personalize. Pioneer.

Master the fundamentals and deliver polished products
Develop genuine relationships
Anticipate, maximize productivity and surprise with hidden deliverables

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